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Download Siemens Solid Edge ST9 MP12 x64 + Standard Parts Libraries – Advanced 3D design, simulation and component production

Siemens Solid Edge ST9 MP12

Solid Edge product Powerful Siemens undoubtedly one of the most powerful software for design and simulation. This advanced software is Mac animals unique in the field of industrial design and simulation engineers to provide pre-production parts. This software helps electronic engineers, engineers, processors, and metallurgy engineers to implement their engineering ideas professionally, simultaneously simulating the actual working conditions of the components and obtaining very comprehensive information. This software consists of several major phases consisting of Design and Simulation and Manufacturing, which manages engineers at each stage.

Phase Design maps of parts for the next two drawn and to replace the Mac the reforms to take place, then maps the two-dimensional to be quite intelligent three-dimensional models has become and engineer to carry out any changes of the structure Once finalized, the three-dimensional design phase of the design phase is complete and users can extract their outputs accurately from the program.

In the simulation phase, 3D maps prepared under real-world conditions are analyzed and simulated; thermal analysis and tension simulations are just a small part of the software’s ability to perform simulation tests. At this stage, engineers can view the conditions of their work in real-world real-world environments and, if necessary, can apply their own modifications.

In the manufacturing phase, the software enables the production of components and helps engineers to process production processes, such as the production of metal sheets and shapes such as rolling and press, including these processes. The software also offers the possibility of defining more delicate processes, such as the common processes used by the electronics industry.

Key features of Solid Edge software:

  • Advanced 3D model design and simulation
  • Simulation and execution of various engineering analyzes
  • Simulation of parts production processes
  • Exact results of 3D models
  • Get thorough analysis reports
  • Utilize the powerful Femap simulation engine
  • Compatible And the high coordination with other Siemens software such as NX

System Requirement of Siemens Solid Edge ST9

  • Operating System Requirements and Information:
    • Windows 7 Enterprise, Professional, or Ultimate (64-bit only) with Service Pack 1
    • Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro or Enterprise (64-bit only)
    • Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional (64-bit only) ) version 1511 or later
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Solid Edge does not support Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge.
    • Windows Home and Windows RT are not supported.
  • Hardware System Requirements:
  • Recommended system configuration:
    • 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system
    • 8 GB RAM or more
    • True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
    • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format
  • Minimum system configuration:
    • Any of the above 64-bit operating systems
    • 2 GB RAM or more
    • 65K colors
    • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher
    • 5 GB of disk space is required to install Solid Edge

File Information

Manufacturer: Siemens AG 
Price: $ 100,000 (for information only)
File Size: 3215 + 391 + 2130 MB
Source: www.wait-4it.com

Installation Guide

  1. Download the software first and then unzip.
  2. Run the Autostart.exe file and run the installer software.
  3. In the window that opens, click Solid Edge to begin the installation process.
  4. In the window that opens, select your standard system and click Install.
  5. Complete the installation process.
  6. Install other required modules like Data Migration Component.
  7. Download the latest update and unzip it and then update the software to the latest version by running the Setup.exe file.
  8. Enter the Crack directory and copy and paste the contents into the software installation location (by default, C: \ Program Files).
  9. Run the SolidSQUADLoaderEnabler.reg file from the Crack folder and let the necessary changes apply.
  10. Restart your system once.
  11. Run the software and click on the I have a license file option and give the SELicense.dat file address located in the Crack folder.
  12. The software is completely activated and can be used without any restrictions.


  • This software is completely tested by the PSP team and it does not have any problems.
  • This software is provided without any restrictions and all its features are enabled.
  • This software is only installed on 64-bit systems.
  • This software is only installed on Windows 7 and 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.
  • Files are compressed as far as possible and can be repaired by the WinRAR program in case of incomplete downloads.
  • The Standard Parts Libraries collection includes libraries and additions of this software, which is installed separately on the software and includes two machine and machine library and piping design systems, provided that these two libraries You need to download it separately and install it on Solid Edge. To do this, you need to download the installed package and run the installation process by running the Autostart.exe file.

Download Siemens Solid Edge ST9 MP12 x64 + Standard Parts Libraries – Advanced 3D design, simulation and component production

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