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Download Internet Download Manager v6.31 Build 3 Full Version

With the expansion of the global Internet network and the development of web-based activities, the needs of users have become different. Today, the Internet is not just used to browse information and news, but with the expansion of file-sharing networks, the exchange of information between users has increased; Simple to large organizations and massive companies all use the Internet to share and exchange; one of the most commonly used actions is “download ” or “loading” operations; in short, “download” means downloading information And data from a specific source to the individual system It creatively.

Nowadays, all the companies, including the activists of the software basin , film , games And music all from the Internet to broadcast their information use and the use of the Mac animals they are required to download data published on their behalf, in this age of Internet browsers as much improved, and the possibility to download a limited introduced But the use of browser download tools due to lack of advanced features is usually not recommended, and users are advised to use “download management software”.

“Download Management Software” is a software program that specializes in downloading various data and data from the Internet. There is a lot of software in this field, and in this article, we try to find one of the most powerful download management software. To introduce you.

Internet Download Manager (  or “IDM” ) is an advanced download manager software that makes it easier to manage your downloaded files with the intelligent system, this program will speed up the downloading of files with its new technology and, according to the manufacturer, It can download up to 5 times faster than normal.

Features of Internet Download Manager:

  • Increase download speed by up to 5x by Smart Dynamic System.
  • Resume function to cut and continue downloading at another time without losing downloaded information.
  • Supports all browsers and popular applications on the market.
  • Video Grabber to download video files on sites.
  • Ability to automatically check files by anti-virus.
  • Site Grabber feature to download all contents of a site. – Multiple downloadable files.
  • Advanced scheduling for download management.
  • Ability to speed Limiter to limit the download speed.
  • Support for different languages including Sweet Persian language.

But how do these apps boost download rates? 

  • In the past, browsers and many other programs to download a file from the Internet only had a “connection” or “connection” to the destination server, but the experience has proven that downloading only through a connection not only makes all the potential and The maximum speed of the Internet will not be used, but in case of disconnect all downloaded information will be lost.
    Subsequently, download management applications came in and introduced a new feature called “Segmentation.” The “Segmentation” or “Segmentation” feature is a new feature in which download files are split into pieces before they are downloaded. When you start a download instead of a connection with the server for more connection and file simultaneously, for example, in 8 pieces start downloading. in this case, the download speed of the situation too much more and Mac ‘s loss Information is greatly reduced.

So what’s the difference between this app and other programs?

  • The Internet Download Manager software uses a more intelligent system called Dynamic Segmentation, which works much smarter than other similar programs and provides faster access speeds. Dynamic Segment Performance In this way, the file is first scanned by the program through the source server for segmentation, and then it starts downloading, and unlike other programs that segment the file before the start of the download, this program will be part of the download when the file is downloaded and As soon as a piece is finished, it creates a new piece and in the end The full potential benefits of broadband and Internet speed.
    Using this program not only makes use of the maximum speed of the Internet, but also makes the files more securely downloaded, because if downloading power or Internet connection is cut off when downloading, because the file is split into smaller pieces, only a small part of the file It is re-downloaded and does not actually require the entire file to be re-downloaded.
    Downloading multiple files also allows you to download multiple files at the same time and increase both the accuracy of downloaded files and the maximum available bandwidth.


  • Preferences do not download multiple files at the same time. 
    This will increase the likelihood of a download failure, especially if one of the files is very large.
  • Avoid over-bitping of files (even in this app and in other apps). 
    In the Internet Download Manager, there is an option to modify the settings for file-making, and some people mistakenly think that the number of connections or connections will be increased, the file will be downloaded more quickly if it does the result of the image and not only Slow down, but it can increase the likelihood of file corruption. Given the current state of affairs and Internet status in Iran, it is suggested that you use a maximum of 8 connections to download your files and do not increase this amount.
  • It is highly recommended that you use this program to download files securely.
    Of course, always keep in mind that it is by no means possible to download at a faster rate than the speed set by the Internet service provider, you can only optimize the system and use different tools from the maximum bandwidth Get your own internet speed, if you are really unhappy with your Internet speed or far below the amount guaranteed by the Internet service provider, you should contact your support team.

System Requirement of Internet Download Manager:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7 
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10 
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2012 R2

File Information:

Developer: Tonec, Inc. 
File Size: 7.39 MB
Price: $24.95 (For Your Information)
Release Date: 11 June 2018
Source: Wait-4It | Free Download Software Full Version

How to Install Step by Step (Installation Guide):

  1. Download the software first and then unzip it.
  2. In the Crack \ 1 path. Disable Activation Right-click on the file in the Disable Activation folder and click Run as Administrator, and then click on the Enter button.
  3. Run the Setup file and install the program.
  4. After completing the installation of the software, it did not run the program and if it was running close it completely, to do this, if you see the program icon next to the clock, right-click it and click Exit.
  5. Enter Crack \ 2 folder. Patch
  6. Copy the Patch.exe file at the software installation location, which is the following:
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Internet Download Manager,
    and run it as Run as Administrator.
  7. After entering the desired name, click on the Patch button, and if it does not find the file needed for the patch, manually select the IDM.exe file from the software installation location in the browser.
  8. Run the software.


  1. Do not refresh the software and download the update to download the latest version.
  2. In the Crack folder other than Crack, other cracks are also placed in the Other Crack folder, which can be used if you can not crack the main crack on your system or it crashes.
  3. When Patch executes, if it says “Can not access the file” this means that the program is running and you must close it first.

Download Internet Download Manager v6.31 Build 3 Full Version

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