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Download Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition x64 – Compile fortrans and c plus plus programs and deliver the best of them.

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition

Parallel Programming was developed to make the best use of system resources and increase the speed and performance of the program on the processors. In this type of programming, parts of the main program that can run concurrently are divided into several sub-programs and run simultaneously on multiple processors or thread threads. A portion of the program that does not run parallel runs serially on a single processor. In fact, the main difference is the sequential and parallel programming of the same, but thereafter, there are several concepts that are not commonly found in conventional programming, or their nature is completely different from the corresponding concept in typical programming. One of the main reasons for the use of parallel programming , Is a boost to the implementation of the program, which has limitations in mono-core processors.

Intel Parallel Studio XE An advanced parallel programming language provided by Intel. The Intel Parallel Studio XE toolkit simplifies the design, development, debugging and code setup by utilizing parallel processing. With this software , with the slightest effort, you get the best performance of the application on Intel compatible processors and compromisors. The program quickly compiles applications written in Fortran and Celsius Plus, and offers the best performance with minimal effort and coding is very fast.

What’s New in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018:

The Intel Fortran Compiler now supports all features from the Fortran 2008 standard.
Additional Fortran 2008 features added in Intel Fortran 18.0 release are noted below:

  • COMPLEX arguments to trigonometric and hyperbolic intrinsic functions
  • FINDLOC intrinsic function
  • Optional argument BACK in MAXLOC and MINLOC intrinsic functions
  • Multiple typebound procedures in a PROCEDURE list
  • Passing a nonpointer data item to a pointer dummy argument
  • Polymorphic assignment with allocatable Left Hand Side (LHS)
  • Allocatable components of the recursive type and forward reference
  • Data release restrictions removed.

System Requirement

  • Processor Requirements
    • Intel Parallel Studio XE supports only IA 64-bit host.
  • Systems based on Intel® 64 architecture:
    • Intel® Core ™ processor family or higher
    • Intel® Xeon® E5 v5 processor families recommended
    • Intel® Xeon® E7 v5 processor families recommended

      It is assumed that the above-mentioned processors are configured into homogeneous clusters .

  • Disk Space Requirements
    • 12 GB of disk space (minimum) is a standard installation. Cluster installations require 4 GB of disk space.

      During the installation process, the installer may require up to 12 GB of additional temporary storage space to manage the intermediate installation files.

  • Operating System Requirements
    The following operating systems are supported by all components on Intel® 64 Architecture.

    • Windows * 7, 8.x, 10
    • Windows Server * 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
  • Memory Requirements
    • 2 GB RAM (minimum)
  • Special Requirements
    Intel® C / C ++ Compiler and Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler require a version of Microsoft Visual Studio * to be installed. The following versions are currently supported:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio * 2013, 2015, 2017
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Express * (only for command line compilation)


Manufacturer: Intel Corporation 
File Size: 3267 MB
Release Date:

Source: PC Download /

Installation Guide

  1. Install the software.
  2. Copy the parallel_studio.lic file into your system from the Crack folder.
  3. When installing, in the activation step, address the location of the parallel_studio.lic file (address of the file location on the computer).
  4. The program is fully activated and can be used without any restrictions .

Download Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition x64 – Compile fortrans and c plus plus programs and deliver the best of them.

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