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EditPlus 5.0.1764 + Portable Advanced Text Editor

EditPlus 5.0.1764 + Portable Advanced Text Editor

EditPlus A professional and powerful text editor, HTML, PHP, Java and the sixteen-dimensional editor for Windows. EditPlus software can be a good alternative to Notepad, and it also has many powerful features for the developer’s web page. With EditPlus, you can easily highlight and edit HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, javascript, VBSCRIPT, C ++ / C SYNTAXs. It is also possible to create a personal and proprietary SYNTAX file for editing other programming languages ​​as well. EditPlus is a web browser for previewing HTML pages and FTP commands for uploading local files to the FTP server.

Features of EditPlus:

  • Highlight the programming language syntax like HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, PERL, JAVA, javascript, VBSCRIPT, C ++ / C
  • Line Count, Ruler, Columns Selection, Powerful Search and Replacement, Multiple Undo / Redo, Spline
  • Check, Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ability to add new programming languages ​​to the program by creating a personal SYNTAX file
  • Visibility of a preview of HTML documents and Java applets using the application browser window and without leaving the editor environment.
  • Support the browser window of the public Internet browser commands
  • Supports FTP commands for transferring files to an FTP SERVER and directly editing them remotely
  • Ability to highlight URLs or URLs as well as email addresses in regular text files and enable them to only be activated by pressing a key on the keyboard (F8 key)
  • Ability to put very fast and easy HTML tags in documents
  • App support is a useful tool for designing HTML documents. Tools for creating tables, inserting HTML code colors, placing HTML code in special characters, inserting active ACTIVEX OBJECT tags in the system, inserting a script, placing an applet and …
  • Accessibility is much faster for documents opened or loaded in the system than normal when opened with
  • CTRL + TAB keys.
  • The ability to organize documents that are used repeatedly and repeatedly in different categories and load them with just one click of the mouse.
  • The program supports auto-complete or AUTO COMPLETE programming in PERL and ++ C / C programming languages
  • Very fast and easy accessibility to HTML tags using the CLIPTEXT feature
  • Ability to split the document into several parts and edit the different parts of a file together
  • Ability to edit very large text files
  • And …


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