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Download Windows XP Live CD Portable – Portable Windows XP (no need to install, run from CD live)

Windows XP Live CD Portable

It has certainly come to your mind that your Windows has been damaged and you have not been able to log on to Windows, or because your system has been downgraded, your Windows is so slow that you can not actually do anything. Unfortunately, in this case, there is no better way than reinstalling Windows, but the other problem is the installation of Windows for a long time, and when you need to access your hard disk, Windows installation is not a good option.
Live discs (no need to install) were first released for the LinkedIn operating system, due to the high flexibility that the operating system has with different hardware features. Different distributions of Linux were released as live CDs and were welcomed by users. Windows users also wanted a live disk of Windows from a long time ago to use it without the need to install Windows. Microsoft has not yet released any live Windows, but many programmers and enthusiasts have been able to change Windows files that are able to run Windows only on a CD without the need to install, and the version Various versions of these live discs have been released with various features.
Windows XP Live CD is a portable Windows XP Live CD that comes with a number of different programs.

Note: We recommend that you now download and burn a copy of Windows 7 Live and keep it at a decent location right now if your Windows is not in a hurry and is available, so that in case of Windows failure, you can use it to access the files. Important to your computer.

System Requirement of Windows XP Live CD Portable

* Any computer that can normally run XP with at least 512 MB of RAM to have all features available. This can also run on systems with only 384 but it will not be very usable. It definetly will not work on a system with only 256 MB, sorry.
* A CD or DVD drive (the faster the better).

  • Recommended Requirements:
    * Any computer that can normally run XP with at least 1024 MB of RAM. All features and applications will work.

File Information

Manufacturer: Microsoft
File Size: 533 MB
Source: www.wait-4it.com

Installation Guide

  1. After downloading the file with the WinRAR software, unzip it.
  2. Enter the CD Image folder and burn the Image.iso file with the ISO Burner software on a raw CD or DVD. You can also use the Rufus software to roll the Image.iso file onto a flash drive.
  3. Insert the CD / DVD into the drive or connect the flash drive to one of the USB ports.
  4. Restart your system.
  5. Enter the BIOS settings and, depending on whether you intend to use the disk or flash drive, set the BOOT settings to the computer and restart the computer.
  6. Wait for Windows to run.

Download Windows XP Live CD Portable – Portable Windows XP (no need to install, run from CD live)

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