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Download Windows XP Crack – Legalize to install new updates and Microsoft software

Windows XP Crack

This is a legal check for Windows Genuine Advantage. In this way, when you receive new updates or install new software, the legality of Windows is first checked, but since all of the windows we use in Iran are not licensed.Not Valid! And all copied to us, we can not install these updates and software on these illegal windows. There are various ways to disable Genuine Advantage. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The way we use it here is one of the easiest ways, and you can easily disable Genuine Advantage.

File Information

Manufacturer: Microsoft
File Size: 1.20 MB
Source: www.wait-4it.com

DownloadWindows XP Crack – Legalize to install new updates and Microsoft software

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  • Name: AAct v3.2
    • Download | Size: [518 KB]
    • Guide: Run AAct v3.2 in Run as Administrator, then click on the Windows Activation window; all steps are automatically executed and the best way to activate is selected.
  • Name: Windows XP Genuineiser 2.01
    • Download | Size: [373 KB]
    • Note: This crack may be removed by your antivirus, disable it before running antivirus!
  • Name: Windows Genuine Advantage 1.9.40 32-bit (for Windows 32-bit System)
  • Name: Windows Genuine Advantage 1.9.40 64-bit (for Windows 64-bit System)


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