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Download Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x86 – Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 to 32-bit

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x86

Windows Vista is the new generation of Microsoft operating systems that, after years of waiting and spending billions of dollars, was finally launched, its final release on January 30, 2007, began to be officially launched around the world.

Vista is available in 7 different versions:

  • Vista Starter Edition
    This version will only be available for specific markets such as developing countries. Its price is less than the other versions. The Mac animals it is quite limited, for example can run only three programs simultaneously in the operating system there.
  • Vista Home Basic Edition
    . Something like the Windows XP Home Edition and the Vista professional version of some of the features available for this version has been disabled.
  • Vista Premium Vista Edition Vista
    The full version is Windows Vista. This version also has Media Center functionality.
  • Vista Professional Edition
    Professional Edition
  • Vista Small Business Edition
    do some of Microsoft’s shared services.
  • Vista Enterprise Edition
    for IT managers, along with Virtual PC and full encryption.
  • Vista Ultimate Edition

The most complete version of Windows Vista, this version is the best operating system provided so far for personal computers. The Mac that optimize its performance for different users. This version is a powerful integration of the full version of the Premium Vista Edition and the Professional Edition. So it has all the capabilities of both home and advanced versions. In addition, there are special tools for making Podcast, as well as new features for Game. An online service called Club is also included. This feature gives users access to music and videos.

Some of Windows Vista’s new features include:

  • Aero’s awesome graphics
  • Enhanced internal search engine and new management system – Increased Windows security without the need to install any virus finder
  • Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • Backup system of important files completely automated
  • Audio technology Detect user’s voice
  • Advanced settings for communicating with the Internet
  • Detect more than 90% of available hardware
  • Automatic Windows update
  • Parental controls on the use of children from the Internet

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Manufacturer: Microsoft 
File Size: 3050 MB
Source: www.wait-4it.com

Download Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x86 – Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 to 32-bit

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