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Windows Spy Blocker 4.22.0 The name of a free and open source software is to prevent spyware activities in Windows operating system. By defining a set of new rules, this software closes many of the intrusive ways to spy on Windows, in order to provide Carbare privacy to the highest possible level in Windows. Today, many malware and spyware are exploited by known and known methods to the user's system.. If you are also a group of users who are always concerned about the privacy of your activities, we suggest you close the intrusive techniques with the help of this app forever!

By applying security changes to the Windows Firewall and the NCSI, the software prevents many of the commonly used intruders to spy on Windows, thus providing the user with a secure and reliable environment for action. You can now download the latest version of Windows Spy Blocker from the latest Yass website.

Software features of Windows Spy Blocker:

– Avoid entering various types of spyware into the system

– Eliminating spyware activities

– Compatibility with different versions of Windows

– Ability to change the firewall security settings of Windows

– Ability to add methods to undo the intrusion in the hosts file


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