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Download Windows 7 Live CD Portable – Windows 7 Portable (no need to install, run on CD live)

Windows Live CD Portable

Windows 7 Live CD that can be portable can be saved on a CD, DVD or flash drive, and runs it everywhere without the need for Windows installation . Similar features and support for this version of Windows are also available, which allows you to run Windows 7 very quickly, which prevents the long and time consuming operation of Windows to be installed.
Undoubtedly some of Windows’s functionality will be eliminated in these versions, but the core capabilities of Windows are kept, and with this package you can bring Windows 7 anywhere and anytime.

Features of Windows 7 Live CD Portable:

  • Abby’s game after a disruption and breakdown of Windows :
    This gives you a Mac , even if you have another Windows PC, you can work well with this version, and even in case of disruption Working, all your information can be returned.
  • Work on multiple computers:
    One of the unique features of this software is that if you accidentally need to visit another computer, without fear of making changes to that computer, it will work on Do your operating system.
  • Computers without hard disk or low-end computers:
    This Windows does not need your computer’s hard drive and is run by the computer’s RAM, which can be executed on a CD or even a flash drive (Cole Disk).

Note: We recommend that you now download and burn a copy of Windows 7 Live and keep it at a decent location right now if Windows is not in a problem and is available, so that in case of Windows failure, you can use it to access important files. Use your computer.

File Information

Manufacturer: Microsoft
File Size: 633 MB
Source: www.wait-4it.com

Installation Guide

  1. After downloading the file with the WinRAR software, unzip it.
  2. Enter the CD Image folder and burn the Image.iso file with the ISO Burner software on a raw CD or DVD. You can also use the Rufus software to roll the Image.iso file onto a flash drive.
  3. Insert the CD / DVD into the drive or connect the flash drive to one of the USB ports.
  4. Restart your system.
  5. Enter the BIOS settings and, depending on whether you intend to use the disk or flash drive, set the BOOT settings to the computer and restart the computer.
  6. Wait for Windows to run.

Download Windows 7 Live CD Portable – Windows 7 Portable (no need to install, run on CD live)

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