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Ramadan 98 – Haj Mahmoud Karimi The latest audio collection is dedicated to the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS), which is at your disposal for dear and dear visitors. Meanwhile, we congratulate you on the occasion of the coming of the testimony of Imam Ali (AS) and the majestic nights of the Hajj Mahmoud Karimi, a hymn of the past few nights.

When the morning of the nineteenth day of Ramadan in the year of the 40th AH, the difference of justice of justice was broken by the ignorance of the most misleading people. Now is a lifetime that the world has begun to hide in the knee-causing Kaaba. Dear readers and congratulations on the occasion of the martyrdom ceremony of Imam Ali (AS), the collection of pamphlets by Hajj Mahmoud Karimi, we will have the same opportunity for you to download this collection every single night. . You can now download the complete revelation of the mourning and martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS) 98 from Haj Mahmoud Karimi in full download from Yas download site.

The ninth day of Ramadan – 50 MB

Download First part – Raza (they prayed to the great scholars of the universe)
Download Part II – Raza (I got a broken head or paste)
Download third part – Background (broken heart of the altar)
Download Part IV – Passion (see your eyes)

Download Download the full collection of the nineteenth day of the holy month of Ramadan

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