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Download SANKOM Audytor OZC (HL) v6.1 – Building Modeling Software for Calculation of Thermal Load

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Heating load is defined as: The amount of heat required to compensate for the heat that is lost in the controlled atmosphere. According to the definitions, it can be seen that calculating the thermal load for designing, planning, and controlling heating and heating facilities in every part of the building is very important.
Using the Audytor OZC software, you can calculate the heating load in each room to compute a 3D computer model of each packet environment, including the different areas of the building. This software can be used to calculate the amount of heat dissipation in each room, the heat lost for the whole building, the heat transfer coefficients for the walls, the floor, the ceiling / flat roofs, as well as the distribution of the thermal energy produced by a A heating system for an apartment is to be used.

ANKOM Audytor OZC is designed for 3D computer modeling of buildings, as well as for computer-aided calculations of heat load of individual rooms.

The program calculates (depending on the language version):
– heat-transfer coefficients for walls, floors, roofs and flat roofs
– heat loss for individual rooms
– heat loss for the whole building
– heat balance for the apartment heating period
– radiator selection

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Key features of the Audytor OZC software:

– Calculation of heat dissipation in each room
– Calculation of waste heat for the whole building
– Including heat transfer coefficients for walls, floors, roofs and flat roofs
– Calculation of heat balance (distribution of thermal energy produced by a heating system for an apartment)
– Create a graphical model of the building
– Linear thermal bridges
– Thermal bridges (linear and spatial) in multi-layer partitions
– Creation of a set of building materials in building construction
– Creation of a series of building partitions in building construction
– Thermal load PN-EN 1283
– Thermal load PN-B-03406 (standard outdated)
– Select Radiators
– Analyze the moisture content of building partitions
– And …

Program features
– Graphic design of a building model (show hardware requirements)
– Connects and scales the drawing
– Linear thermal bridges
– Surfaces thermal bridges (linear and point) in
multi-layered partitions     – Defines hygenic requirements for your own types of rooms
– Creates a set of building materials in a building construction
– Creates a set of building partitions in the building construction
– Creates A report with a set of materials (building materials, building partitions, carpentry, radiators, manufacturers)
– Heat load PN-EN 12831
– Selects radiators
– Interacting with the Audytor CH program family
– Computing variables
– Heat transfer coefficient PN-EN ISO 6946
– Heat transfer through the ground PN-EN ISO 13370
– Inhomogeneous partitions
– The system default data inheritance
– The data of the three-dimensional model of the building
– Analysis of the building partitions Calculator of temperature distribution and vapor pressure
– Heat load PN-B-03406 (an obsolete standard)

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System Requirement

The program runs under MS Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) 32bit and 64 bit.

The minimum hardware:
– 1200 MHz processor,
– 1 GB RAM,
– A color monitor with a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768,
– 200 MB free space on the hard drive,
– Compatible graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 and higher,

All new graphics cards on the market should meet the minimum hardware requirements; Graphics card integrated with the motherboard: minimum GMA 500;

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Manufacturer: SANKOM 
File Size: 74.5 MB
Release Date:

Source: PC Download /

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Installation Guide

1. Disconnect the system from the Internet.
2. Start the software installation. In the license transfer window, select ‘I do not have the license …’.
3. Run the keygen.exe file.
4. Go back to the license information window and select one of the options ‘Telephone transfer’ or ‘Fax transfer’ and click Next. Copy the license code displayed at the top of the window and enter it in Keygen and click Generate to create an activation key.
5. Return to the software and copy the generated code by Keygen in the Return code field.

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Download SANKOM Audytor OZC (HL) v6.1

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