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Download Pepakura Designer v4.0.6a – Design and build multiframe patterns of 3D models

Pepakura Designer

Pepakura Designer is another design software that has been unveiled with emphasis on building two-dimensional patterns of the 3D model. So using this software, you can easily create paper patterns from models (data) created through 3D graphics applications. In fact, you can design your 3D model using 3DCG software and then bring the resulting model into Pepakura Designer to get the build pattern and save or print it. In addition, there are 3D models within the app that you can use to build your own designs. You can use this software to build professional make-ups, boxes, etc., and transform any complex form into a set of cutaways and paper-making tees.

Pepakura Designer is a program developed in Japan for making unfolded 2D patterns from the 3D models.

Key features of the Pepakura Designer software:

  • Supports 3D file format:
  • Metasequoia (mqo)
  • Wavefront (obj)
  • AutoCAD 3D (dxf)
  • 3DS Max (3ds)
  • Lightwave (lwo)
  • Binary / ASCII STL (stl )
  • Google Earth4 (kml, kmz)
  • Collada
  • Making the automatic sheet a pattern of three-dimensional model
  • The Mac the cut, move, rotate, delete and add the template
  • Insert text and image Template
  • Supports 3D CG data formats
  • Print and share templates


Manufacturer: Tama Software Ltd 
Price: $ 38.00 (for information only)
File Size: 15.8 MB
Release Date:

Source: PC Download /

Installation Guide

  1. Install the software and then run it.
  2. Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder and generate the serial number.
  3. Register the software with the data generated by Keygen (if you do not have the Keygen.exe file first generated, you will not be able to register the software. Reproduce other codes. Try to get the correct code. .)

Download Pepakura Designer v4.0.6a – Design and build multiframe patterns of 3D models

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