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Download NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Desktop / Notebook Drivers v390.77 WHQL x86 / x64 – A collection of all Nvidia GeForce graphics card drivers.

NVIDIA GeForceCard graphics by NVIDIA has been the most popular among users of computer systems, these graphics cards, for all lovers of film , digital photography and gaming PC or Mac animals and brings a lot of features.
This set of drivers includes all NVIDIA GeForce drivers for all windows , desktop computers and laptops.

How to get a graphics card series:

NVIDIA offers its drivers based on various series, and in order to be able to install the correct driver, you first need to identify your graphics card, which is easy to use with the following method. Can be done.

In the past, NVIDIA’s NVIDIA graphics card models consisted of a 4-digit and sometimes a suffix, but after that period, the company’s new series were named with 3-digit numbers.

On cards with a 4-digit model, the first digit indicates the series of those graphics cards. 
For example, the 8800GTS card, starting with the number 8, is in series 8.

On cards with a 3-digit number, the series of these types of cards are split into hundreds of groups.
for example, the 6300GS card starts with the number 6 in series 6 and so on.

or for example, the 720 GT, as its name suggests, is in the 700 Series or, for example, the GT 540 in the 500 Series, and so on.

To find your graphics card, or access the graphics card’s box or physics, or if your old driver is already installed, find the exact model of Device Manager.

Difference in the naming of cards on a laptop: There is no difference between naming
and recognizing a series of cards between laptops and desktop computers; only at the end of the name of the series of motherboards the letter “M” stands for “Mobile” or “portable”. It turns out.
For example, the GT 720 card is for desktop computers, but the GT 720M is for the laptop, because it’s the letter “M” at the end.

Another thing is that in some models of Mac these Exceptions exist and card model consisting of no numbers, for example, card TITAN and TITAN Black both in the 700 series are, however, to distinguish it from the name of the possible And in this case just have to go to the official site of NVIDIA to get the card series.

Notable points:

  • The preview set is the most complete archive of GeForce family drivers, so that all GeForce drivers are included in this list for all Windows , and no items have been added, so if the driver you were looking for on this list did not That means NVIDIA has not yet released a driver for it.
  • Drivers updated in each version are marked with the word “new”.The precision and classification used in this list is not the same at any site, even on the NVIDIA site itself, with these precision drivers.

Minimum System Requirement of NVIDIA GeForce:

  • VGA: Any NVIDIA GeForce Chipset.
  • OS: Windows 95 or later.

File Information:

Developer: NVIDIA 
File Size: 12-451 MB
Source: Wait-4It | Free Download Software Full Version

How to Install Step by Step (Installation Guide):

  1. First, carefully select your desired driver from the list below and download the corresponding file.
  2. Download the downloaded file and use the executable file in the package to install the driver.
  3. Once the driver is installed, be sure to restart your system once.Tips: 
  • If you are using WinRAR for extraction, right-click on the compressed file and click Extract Here.
  • If you received an encryption error message when extracting files, get the latest version of WinRAR from this link .
  • All files can be repaired in case of incomplete download.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Desktop / Notebook Drivers v390.77 WHQL x86 / x64 – A collection of all Nvidia GeForce graphics card drivers.

Download Links:

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Specific for Laptop:


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