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Download Nucoda v2017.1.044 SP2 x64 – Lighting software, color grading and creating visual effects in animations and video files.

At Digital Vision, we understand that our customers need more than just the leading toolsets to create sophisticated look enhancements. More importantly, our solutions need to work with multiple camera and file formats, allow for collaborative workflows and deliver finished content to different viewing platforms, including stereoscopic 3D. In a nutshell, Nucoda was designed to offer much more than just color grading.

Features of Nucoda Software:

  • Fast operation with support for 4K bulky files
  • Layers of nonlinear timelines
  • Simultaneous support for multiple audio and video files in Timeline
  • Add multiple versions of shots in a timeline
  • Organize and get easier access to information with line timestamps and shots
  • Supports a variety of image formats including standard AAF and EDL formats
  • Automatically extract metadata
  • Create home books from metadata files and searchable input data
  • Build lists of folders and files by displaying metadata and formats.
  • Mac OS X with systems and software. Avid DNxHD, AAF, MXF and QuickTime
  • Ability to read and write formats DPX, Avid DNxHD, MXF and QuickTime
  • Ability to work simultaneously with multiple monitors with unique settings for each
  • Rendering engine is fast and powerful
  • Support for raw data of camera footage shows such as Canon , Sony, Cinema DNG and …

File Information:

Developer: Digital Vision 
File size: 597.2 MB
Release Date: 
26 September 2012
Source: Wait-4It | Free Download Software Full Version

How to Install Step by Step (Installation Guide):

  1. Install the software.
  2. Run keygen.exe from the keygen folder.
    By clicking on the Generate option, the license.flic license file will be generated with your system.

     : Make sure that the Mac address in Keygen matches the Mac system. To ensure this, you can run the machine_id.exe file in the C: \ Nucoda \ utilities \ machine_id path in CMD and check the displayed Mac.
  3. Copy the built-in license.flic file to C: \ Nucoda \ License.
  4. Run the software.


If the software displays an error message during the execution of the error message:

  1. Open the notepad first and open the general.prefs file in the path C: \ Nucoda \ 2017_1 \ root \ Users \ AllUsers. Drop it in.
  2. Replace all S: \ in the text with the phrase C: \.
  3. If you wish, you can also use the guidance provided on the software reference site.

Download Nucoda v2017.1.044 SP2 x64 – Lighting software, color grading and creating visual effects in animations and video files.

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