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Nuance Dragon Professional Individual is a powerful and professional software for converting speech (English) to text, which you can take advantage of in various areas such as writing a book, article, typing phrases in search engines, and more. This software is equipped with a powerful word-to-speech engine that can convert all your speeches with great precision to text. It's just enough to equip your computer or laptop with a microphone so that it can receive your voice and, with its processing, will type equivalent texts in your preferred environment. Using this software is a widespread application, one of the most important of which is the automatic typing of long texts, the automatic production of subtitles from movies, writing articles with speech, etc.

At the moment, there are a handful of services available to extract subtitles from the sound of movies, which lets you extract the texts you need even for non-subtitled movies. The current software, with an incredible audio engine, allows you to extract the texts you need to produce subtitles and enjoy watching your movies with the exact same subtitles. Of course, it should be added that the application of this software is so extensive that the discussion does not cover all of them here. In general, if you also need an intelligent assistant to automatically type audio speeches, this tool can work best for you. Now you can download the Nuance Dragon Professional Individual software directly and free of charge from the Yas download site.

Characteristics of software Nuance Dragon Professional Individual:

– Ability to type fast and easy texts based on speech

– Ability to extract text from the sound of movies, songs and …

– Possibility to use the generated texts for use in subtitles of movies, typing articles and …

– Ability to learn words used to reduce their corrections

– Ability to define a predefined pattern for typing the phone number structure, date and …

– Have a simple and user-friendly graphics environment

Screenshots of the software environment:


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