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Download NirLauncher Package v1.20.27 – A useful and practical toolkit for Windows

NirLauncher PackageNirLauncher set with over 150 software free portable Windows that have been developed over several years by NirSoft website. This software has more than 100 different applications for Windows that are used to play various ABB’s of different passwords, view and manage browser cache, networking tools , systems and hard disks, programs for playing and managing audio files And video, desktop and search tools in Windows, etc. None of them needs to be installed, and even portable USB storage devices can be used.

Feature of Nirlauncher Software:

  • The Mac is to use a USB flash drive without having to install
  • Uusing completely free of all software in this package
  • Has the tools to play the Abbey password
  • Monitoring tool Network
  • Save settings for any application In the .cfg file, if executed in flash memory
  • Ability to add packages to the original package
  • View and extract cookies, cache and other information stored by the web browser
  • Search files in the system
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows
  • And …

Tools List:

AdvancedRun: Run an application with different settings that you select.
AlternateStreamView: Find all the alternating hidden streams stored in the file system.
AltStreamDump: Depression List NTFS Alternating Streaming
AppCrashView: Display details of all locking software occurred on your system.
AdapterWatch: View useful information about your network adapters.
ActiveXHelper: View the essential information about the ActiveX components installed on your computer.
BatteryInfoView: Displays battery information on laptops and notebooks.
BlueScreenView: Displays information about a blue screen crash occurred on your system.
BluetoothCL: Displays the list of Bluetooth devices
BluetoothLogView: Create a report on Bluetooth activity in your area.
BluetoothView: Monitor the activity of Bluetooth devices around you.
BrowsingHistoryView: View browsing history of popular
BulkFileChanger web browsers : change the date / time / multiple file attributes.
BulletsPassView: Shows passwords stored behind the bullet.
ChromeCacheView: Chrome Chrome Cache Viewer browser
ChromeCookiesView viewer : alternative to standard cookies Internal viewer from Google Chrome
ChromeHistoryView: Display browsing history from the Chrome web browser
ChromePass: Password recovery tool for Google Chrome web browser.
CleanAfterMe:Clean files and registry values ​​in your system.
Clipboardic: Clipboard manager is small and simple.
CountryTraceRoute: Fast Traceroute tool with country info IP.
CurrPorts: Displays list of all TCP / UDP ports currently open on your computer.
CurrProcess: The screen displays a list of all the processes currently running on your system.
CSVFileView: CSV / Bar- Specific Frontend for File Viewer and
CustomizeIE Conversion : Add / Remove Toolbar Buttons and Menu Items in Internet Explorer.
CustomExplorerToolbar: Add the copy / cut / paste buttons to the Windows Explorer toolbar 7.
DeviceIOView:Watch data transfer between a software or service and device driver.
DevManView: An alternative to managing the standard Windows device.
Dialupass: Retrieve password dialing in all versions of Windows.
DiskCountersView: Displays hard disk read / write counter.
DiskSmartView: Recovers data from the IDE SMART / SATA hard disk.
DLL Export Viewer: DLL list exported functions and address of your memory – for debugging.
DNSDataView: Recovers DNS records (MX, NS, A, SOA) from the specified domain.
DNSQuerySniffer: Displays the network tool that DNS sends to your system.
DomainHostingView: Displays extensive information about a domain.
DotNetResourcesExtract: Extracting embedded resources from .NET applications.
DownTester: Speed Test Download Internet
DriveLetterView: Find and rename the drive
DriverView: Display a list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system.
DumpEDID: Deletes EDID information in the console window.
ESEDatabaseView: Displays the contents of ESE database files (.edb files)
EventLogSourcesView: Displays a list of all event log sources installed on your system.
ExecutedProgramsList: The program displays the batch files that you already run on your system.
ExifDataView:Display EXIF ​​data stored inside image files
jFast FastResolver: Resolves multiple hostnames to IP addresses / MAC addresses and photo wings .
FavoritesView: Displays a list of all your favorites / bookmarks on one page.
FBCacheView: Displays Facebook images stored in memory from your web browser.
FileTypesMan: Give the alternative, file types from Windows.
FirefoxDownloadsView: Displays a list of downloaded files in Firefox
FirmwareTablesView: Displays a list of operating system tables (ACPI, SMBIOS) stored on your system.
FlashCookiesView: Displays the cookie stored on your computer.
FolderChangesView:Monitor folder changes / drives.
FolderTimeUpdate: Update “Correction time from folders.
GDIView: Display the list of GDI categories by any open process
HashMyFiles: Calculate your files MD5 / SHA1 hash
HeapMemView: View the contents of all memory blocks allocated in the stack.
HotKeysList : Display the list of hot keys that are already registered on your system.
HTMLAsText: HTML documents are simple to text files.
HtmlDocEdit: Simplified HTML designer /
HTTPNetworkSniffer editor : captures and displays HTTP request / response.
IconsExtract : Extract icons and cursors from executbale files (EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, etc.)
IECacheView: Lists all files currently stored in Internet Explorer cache.
IECookiesView: Displays the cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer.
IEHistoryView: Displays a list of websites that you visited with the Internet Explorer browser.
IE PassView: Recovers passwords stored by Internet Explorer (version 4.0-8.0)
ImageCacheViewer: View images stored in your web browser’s memory.
InsideClipboard: Displays all of the formats stored on the clipboard.
InstalledCodec: The DirectShow Codecs and DirectShow Filter driver is installed on your system.
InstalledDriversList: Lists all device drivers that are currently installed on your system.
IPInfoOffline: Displays the country information about the IP address.
IPNetInfo: Easily find all the information available on the IP address.
JumpListsView: Displays information stored by the Jump List feature of Windows 7.
LastActivityView: View the latest computer activities.
LiveContactsView: View your contact information in Windows Live Messenger.
LSASecretsDump: Deleting LSA Secrets from the Registry.
LSASecretsView: Displays a list of all LSA secrets stored in the registry in your computer.
MACAddressView: MAC Mailing Address
PassView: Email Password Recovery
MonitorInfoView: Displays essential information about your monitor.
MozillaCacheView: The list of all files currently stored in the cache is stored in the Firefox / Mozilla Firefox browser.
MozillaHistoryView: Displays a list of websites visited in web browsers in Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape.
MessenPass: Recovers passwords from instant messenger applications
MUICacheView: Edit / Delete MUICache item in your system
MultiMonitorTool: Enable, disable, and set the initial monitor on the system from multiple monitors.
MetarWeather: Decodes the METAR Weather Report, and displays them in a simple weather report table.
MyEventViewer: MyEventViewer is a simple alternative to the standard Windows Event Viewer.
MyLastSearch: View your latest searches with Google, Yahoo, MSN and
MyUninstaller: An alternative tool for standard Add / Remove Windows applets.
MozillaCookiesView: An alternative to standard, cookie management, provided by Netscape and Mozilla.
NetBScanner: Scans all computers at the IP address within your range, using the NetBonn NetConnectChoose NetBIOS protocol
: Set the default connection to the Internet and view the connection’s general information.
Network Password Recovery: Network Password Recovery in Windows XP / 2003 / Vista.
NetResView: Displays a list of all network resources in your network.
NetRouteView: alternative user interface graphics to the standard route utility of Windows.
NetworkConnectLog:Sign in will show the connection / disconnection of the computer in your network.
NetworkInterfacesView: Displays a list of all network / interface cards installed on your system.
NetworkLatencyView: Calculates network latency (in milliseconds) for each new TCP connection.
NetworkTrafficView: View network traffic stats on your
NirCmd network card . Have many useful tasks from the command line.
NK2Edit: Full NK2 (Auto-Complete) Editor for Microsoft Outlook
NTFSLinksView: View NTFS list of symbolic links / connections in the selected folder.
OfficeIns: View details of all Microsoft Office add-ons insight on your computer.
OpenedFilesView:The list of all files opens on your system.
OpenSaveFilesView: A list of files that you have already opened.
OpenWithView: Enable / disable items in the ‘Open’ dialog box from Windows.
OperaCacheView: Cache viewer for Opera Web Browser.
OperaPassView: Password is a recovery tool for Opera Web Browser.
OutlookAddressBookView: Displays details of all recipients stored in Outlook Address Book
OutlookAttachView: Extracting multiple attachments from Outlook.
OutlookStatView: Displays the overall statistics of your Outlook emails.
PasswordFox: Show passwords stored in Firefox Web Browser.
Password Security Scanner: Displays information security about the stored passwords in your system.
PCAnywhere PassView: 
PingInfoView: Ping is the name of the host and IP address.
ProcessActivityView: Represents the file activity for the selected process.
ProcessThreadsView: Displays extensive information about all the threads of the process that you choose.
ProduKey: Displays the CD-Key in MS-Office / Windows installed on your computer.
PstPassword: Recovers lost passwords from Outlook PST file.
QuickSetDNS: Change the DNS server used to connect to the Internet.
Remote Desktop PassView: A password stored by the Microsoft Desktop ToolShows distance.
RecentFilesView: Displays list of recently opened files
RegDllView: RegDllView is a small utility that displays a list of all recorded files.
RegFileExport: Export online registry file for .reg file
RegFromApp file : create .reg file according to the registry changes made by the software.
RegScanner: Scan and find values ​​in the
ResourcesExtract registry : extract resources from / dll / ocx / exe files.
RouterPassView: Recovers passwords from the router configuration file.
RTMPDumpHelper: Download the RTMP stream in conjunction with the tool from RTMPDump.
RunAsDate: Run an application with specified date.
RunFromProcess:Run another program of the processes that you choose.
SafariCacheView: Display / Extract Cache for the Safari Safari Web browser
SafariHistoryView: Viewer History for the Safari Web Browser
SearchFilterView: Find the search filters installed on your system.
SearchMyFiles: An alternative to the “Search for Files and Folders” standard of the Windows Module.
SecuritySoftView: Displays list of antivirus / antispyware / firewall programs on your system.
SeqDownload: Download a sequence of images from the web and create animations from them.
ServiWin: Displays a list of drivers and services installed on your system.
ShellBagsView:The screen displays a list of all the folder settings stored by Windows.
ShellMenuNew: Disable / Enable items in new menus from explorer.
ShellExView: Displays the details of the shell extensions installed on your computer.
ShortcutsMan: List all shortcuts on your desktop / start menu.
ShellMenuView: Enables / Disables the static menu items in the context menu of the explorer.
SimpleProgramDebugger: Displays the debugging events of a running program.
SimpleWMIView: Displays the result of WMI queries in a simple
SiteShoter table : Save an image from any webpage to a file.
SkypeContactsView:The screen displays a list of Skype calls stored in the local database file from Skype.
SkypeLogView: View files created by Skype
SmartSniff login : Captures packet TCP / IP and view data as captured sequence of conversations.
SniffPass: Get the password that passes through your network card.
SocketSniff: Watch the Windows Socket activity (WINSOCK) from the selected process.
SoundVolumeView: Show / change sound level and save / load profile Sound level in Windows Vista / 7/8
SpecialFoldersView: Easily jump to the special folders in your system.
SysExporter: Grab data stored in the views list, tree, views, list box, and combo box.
TableTextCompare: (CSV) Compare tab file or comma.
TaskSchedulerView: Disable / Disable / Tasks from Windows Task Scheduler.
TcpLogView: Monitor the open TCP connections on your system.
TurnedOnTimesView: Displays the time / date range that your computer has become.
URLProtocolView: Displays / Disables /
Disables the URL of the URL on your system. Install URLStringGrabber: URL string Grab from websites from Internet Explorer.
USBDeview: Lists all USB devices that you have previously used.
USBLogView: Record and record details of any USB device that connects / disconnects to your system.
UserAssistView:This tool decoding and displaying a list of all posts by UserAssist
UserProfilesView: View user information profiles on your system.
VideoCacheView: Extract website video files from your web browser cache
VNCPassView: Retrieve passwords stored by the VNC tool.
Volumouse: Adjust your speaker volume with your mouse wheel.
WakeMeOnLan: Turn on one or more remote computers by sending a wake-on-net (WOL) package to
WebBrowserPassView: recover lost passwords from your web browser.
WebCacheImageInfo: Displays EXIF data from images stored in browser cache.
WebCamImageSave: Capture photos from your webcam.
WebCookiesSniffer:Capture website cookies and display them in a simple
WebSiteSniffer table : Capture website files and save them to your hard drive.
WebVideoCap: Captures video flash files and RTSP streams while watching them in a web browser.
WhatInStartup: Enable / Disable / Remove programs that are loaded at Windows startup.
WhatIsHang: Get information about the Windows software that hangs.
WhoisCL: Get the domain information for a registered domain from the command line.
WhoIsConnectedSniffer: Shows that it connects to your network by listening to network packets.
WhoisThisDomain: Get information about a registered domain from the WHOIS server.
WhosIP:Find all available information about an IP address from the command line.
WifiChannelMonitor: Captures WiFi traffic in monitor mode and diaplays AP information / clients.
WifiInfoView: Displays extensive information about wireless networks in your area.
WinCrashReport: The report about the Windows application crashed.
WinFontsView: An example of the display of all fonts installed on your system.
WinLister: This tool displays a list of open windows on your system.
WinLogOnView: Logins / logoff display in Windows Vista / 7/8/2008
WinPrefetchView: View the original fetch files (.pf) stored on your system.
WinsockServicesView:Show / Disable / Enable Winsock Services Providers Installed on your system.
WirelessConnectionInfo: Displays general information and statistics about the active Wi-Fi connection.
WirelessKeyDump: Depression A list of all wireless keys stored by Windows
WirelessKeyView: Lost the recovery of the wireless network key (WEP / WPA) stored on your computer.
WirelessNetConsole: View wireless network information (console application)
WirelessNetView: Monitor the activity of wireless networks around you.
Wireless Network Watcher: Shows that is connected to your wireless network.
WinUpdatesList: Displays a list of all Windows updates (service pack and basic troubleshooting).

Minimum System Requirement of NirLauncher Software:

  • NirLauncher works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 7. NirLauncher also works on x64 systems. Some of the NirSoft utilities have a separate version for x64, and NirLauncher will automatically run them when you’re in x64 system.

File Information:

Developer: nirsoft 
File size: 18.9 MB
Source: Wait-4It | Free Download Software Full Version

How to Install Step by Step (Installation Guide):

  • (N/A)

Download NirLauncher Package v1.20.27 – A useful and practical toolkit for Windows

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