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Download Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 66.0.4 Final x86 / x64 + Farsi + Portable Win / Mac / Linux

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Mozilla Firefox 66.0.4 Final x86 / x64 + Farsi + Portable + Win / Mac / Linux Browser Mozilla Firefox It is one of the most popular and most used browsers among users. One of the reasons why this browser is popular are its many plugins. Mozilla is a secure, high-speed, powerful, flexible, and feature rich browser. The Firefox browser is able to open all windows as Tabbed Browsing in a window and prevent pop-ups from opening the popup window. In recent years, Mozilla Firefox has given attention to a wide range of users on a variety of platforms, providing continuous and regular updates. Right now, this web browser is available for all types of Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac and even Android operating systems, which can be installed on all your devices. High security and preventing the entry of spyware and spyware into your system is a superior feature of the software. Beautiful environments with many features, such as changing appearance, adding or removing toolbars, working with different fonts and grinding pages. Also equipped with various themes on beauty and ability. browser Mozilla Firefox added.

In recent years, Mozilla has released various versions of the operating system and has surprised users with a host of new features. Get ready for a completely new and upgraded version of Mozilla Firefox! The new version of the Internet browser loads pages much faster than before! According to creators, the download speed of web pages is almost twice as much as the versions of the previous six months, and this is one of the significant features of the new version of this browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser interface is designed to be very user-friendly, and the heart of this browser has been greatly optimized to load web pages at a much higher rate. You can now download the latest version and latest version of Mozilla Firefox for free from Yas download site.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Features Mozilla Firefox:

– Tabbed Browsing feature
– There are many plugins and addons that are functional for this browser
– Avoid opening Popup-bloker advertising pages
– Possibility to support CSS animations
– Use the SPDY protocol
– More compatibility with CSS3
– Compatibility with WebM video format
– Significantly lower crash in the new version
– Javascript compatibility to load better pages
– Possibility to display full screen of videos
– Ability to view previously unpacked pages
– Higher security in insecure environments
– Supports HTML version 5
– Avoid unnecessary advertising pages
– Cache parts of sites that are usually fixed
– Highly flexible software in different faces
– Use Google Checker as HTTPS
– Remove Favicon site from their address
– Troubleshoot and optimize for the new web standard
– Improve the auto complete functionality of the pages
– Powerful tools And New web development in Firefox
– Significantly reduced memory consumption of the system (RAM)
– Increase program launch speed
– Increase website loading speed
– Improved browser information synchronization among Mozilla Firefox versions
– Increased user interface
– More browser stability
– View more viewed sites as preview
– Compatibility with various versions of Windows including Windows 10 , 7, and 8
And …

Some features in new releases:

– Supports Windows 10

– Added protection to download unwanted software

– Improved Block List Mechanism

– New style to manage plugins

– Improved graphics, scroll and video playback performance based on the original process

– Improved scroll and animation based on VSYNC hardware

– Less memory occupancy by JPEG images

– Increased loading speed of pages

– Fix security bugs

– Corrects security vulnerabilities

– Present new version in 32 and 64 bit versions

– Ability to mute tabs individually

– Improved Private Browsing or Web browsing

– Added new Control Center

– Improve and update the login manager section

– Fix security bugs

– Get a new and powerful engine to load very fast web pages

– Change user interface and optimization for touch screens

– Combining the search bar and address bar

– Show full pages in new tabs

– Play online videos with optimized hardware resources

– Complete management of websites access levels


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