Download MMX Hill Dash 1.11626 – Hiking with a Truck for Android + Infinite Edition

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MMX Hill Dash 1.11626 is a new titles and tweezers for hunters. This time, you will experience a climbing hill with heavy machines with the famous MMX brand. In this game, you are in the role of controlling and driving heavy trucks that you have to move them on hard and difficult routes. The winding paths, with unique ups and downs which are hard and difficult to cross with ordinary cars, is it possible that you will drive these routes with the truck!

Choose your truck and customize its different parts according to your taste, compete online and defeat your friends. In MMX, your cars are made up of giant wheels with powerful muscular and muscular features. If you like something like that, our suggestion is not to miss MMX Hill Dash. You can now download the MMX Hill Climb game directly from the Yas download site for free.

Screenshots of the game environment:

MMX Hill Climb1 MMX Hill Climb2 MMX Hill Climb3 MMX Hill Climb4


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  • Size: 71 + 72 megabytes
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