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Download MathMagic Pro v8.4.0.29 for Adobe InDesign – An application for creating mathematical formulas

One of the hardest types of computer typing and writing is the formulation of mathematics, which is very time consuming and requires professional tools in this field. There are many software formulations that each have their own strengths, MathMagic is one of the most prominent software in the field of formulation, and you can use the formulas created in it in various applications. Computer and typing, including Word, Notpad, Power point, etc., and effortlessly type hard and difficult mathematical formulas.

MathMagic for Adobe InDesign is actually an Equation / Formula Editor for Adobe InDesign software, editing any expressions and mathematical symbols using the WYSIWYG interface (a system in which the text or visual content viewed during editing is the same as the output will be seen.) the Mac it is possible. You can do any equation with the MathMagic software very quickly and then send it to your layout. The MathMagic plugin allows the user to put mathematical equations and formulas within a text, as internal graphics or floating graphic objects in the EPS format.

MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign is an equation editor mainly for use with Adobe InDesign software in editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with WYSIWYG interface and various powerful features.
MathMagic Plug-in provides you with a user interface (a menu and a tool button) that allows you to create and edit equations within the InDesign document. Then, it communicates seamlessly with the external MathMagic Pro application.

A key feature of the software MathMagic Pro Edition:

  • Ability to create mathematical formulas
  • The Mac, the formulator professionally to all the professors
  • The ability to use the different applications of computer graphics
  • Work simple and user-friendly software
  • and …

File Information / Specification

Manufacturer: InfoLogic, Inc. 
File Size: 20.4 MB
Release Date:


Installation Guide / How to Install Step by Step

  1. Install the software.
  2. In the Crack folder, copy the MathMagic Pro 8.31 InD 1 file into the software installation path and then run the software using the same file. It’s best to create a shortcut on this desktop and run the software through it.
  3. Do not update the software.


  • The software is tested as an independent program and can be installed and used.
  • After installing MathMagic, the Plug-ins folder will be created at the place of installation, which contains the plugin for the various versions of the Web. To use the plugin, you need to copy the folder corresponding to your in-edition version of the in-app plug-ins (such as C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Adobe \ Adobe InDesign CS6 \ Plug-Ins).

Download MathMagic Pro v8.4.0.29 for Adobe InDesign – An application for creating mathematical formulas

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