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Download Lumion Pro v6.5.1 x64 – 3D simulation software

Download Lumion Pro

Lumion Pro is a powerful 3D visualization software that can be a useful tool for architects, planners, and urban designers. This program will be very suitable for making movies or 3D images of an environment with a quick turnaround and complete interpretation of the environment, so that project officials can save dramatically time, cost, and accomplish things. In fact, this software is a simple solution to create movie and 3D interpretations of a developmental set, which you can imagine completely in your simulated environment.

Lumion Pro is a real-time 3D architectural visualization tool for architects, urban planners and designers. It’s perfectly suited for creating videos, still renderings and live demonstrations with a quick turnaround. Lumion offers excellent graphics in combination with a fast and efficient workflow, saving you time, effort and money. It’s actually so easy to create awesome still rendering and videos with Lumion that it almost feels like cheating.

Key features of the Lumion Pro software:

  • Supports DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ, DWG, DXF formats on 3D models.
  • Supports most popular image formats, including TGA, DDS, PSD, JPG, BMP, HDR and PNG .
  • The Mac to bring output files from applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Depictions of scenes surroundings and weather
  • Build three-dimensional models for Real-time
  • Production film quality output HD
  • Ability to apply special effects and filters on the video
  • Direct upload of final output
  • Output quality setting

System Requirement

Recommended System Requirements
– Graphics card:
 Minimum 8,000 PassMark points with 6GB of memory or more, compatible with DirectX 11 or later and with the latest driver installed
– OS: 64-bit Windows 10 with all updates installed
– CPU: As high a GHz value as possible, ideally 4.0+ GHz with 4 cores or more. A lower GHz value may act as a bottleneck for fast graphics cards such as the Nvidia GTX 1080 and Nvidia Titan X (Pascal). More CPU cores than 4 will not make a difference. CPUs such as i7-4790K, i7-6700K or i7-7700K with 4.0+ GHz are good choices. Xeon CPUs with GHz values ​​lower than 3.4 GHz are not recommended
– System memory: 16GB or more with as high a MHz value as possible. 2133 MHz or higher.
– Monitor resolution: 1920×1080 pixels or higher
– Hard drive: 20GB of disk space

Minimum System Requirements 
– Graphics card: Minimum 2,000 PassMark points with 2GB memory or more, and compatible with DirectX 11 or later and with the latest driver installed
– OS: 64 -bit Windows 10, 8.1, 7 SP1 or Vista SP2 with all updates installed
– CPU: As high a GHz as possible, ideally 3.0+ GHz, with 4 cores or more. Less than 4.0 GHz can act as a bottleneck for fast graphics cards such as the GTX 1080 and Titan X (Pascal). More cores than 4 will not make a difference
– System memory: 8GB (for simple scenes) with as high a MHz as possible
– Monitor resolution:Minimum 1600×1080 pixels
– Hard drive: 20GB of disk space


Manufacturer: Act-3D BV 
Price: $ 1299 (for information only)
File Size: 7173 MB
Release Date:

Source: PC Download / www.wait-4it.com

Installation Guide

  1. Download the software first and then unzip.
  2. Install the software by running the Setup.exe file.
  3. Disconnect your internet connection.
  4. Insert the Patch folder and copy the Patch.exe file to the software installation location.
  5. Run the Patch.exe file as Run as Administrator.
  6. Click the Patch button and then Exit.
  7. The software is completely activated and can be used without any restrictions.Tips:
  • This application is completely tested.
  • Internet connection while working with the software will cause activation loss, or before the software is executed, disconnect your internet connection or block the software access to the Internet in Firewall.
  • This software is only installed on 64-bit systems.
  • All files are compressed as far as possible and can be repaired by WinRAR.

Download Lumion Pro v6.5.1 x64

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Uploads: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4

Single Link Download
Size: 6.33 GB
Google Drive | Rapidgator | Uptobox | Uploads

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