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Imam Reza (as) – Haj Maysam Motiee A new title from the collection of Hajj Maysam Motie's song and song is depicted on the occasion of the birth of Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) on the occasion of his birth. If you are Imam Reza (as) from lovers and connoisseurs, and even enjoy their beautiful and enjoyable name, we invite you to enjoy the pleasure of downloading this costly collection of Haj Maysam Motai. Experience the collection of Haj Maysam Motie's Saga from 2013 to 1394, which we have provided for you as a stand-alone and exquisite collection. You can now download this expensive collection of subtle Hajj Maysam with a direct link from Yas download site.


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  • Salavat on Hazrat Reza (peace be upon him)
  • The mother of Bob Re Reza rejected me and said (excuses)
  • I have seen God more than Khorasan (Prophet)
  • Shrine of pilgrims Pilgrims Passengers adjacent (charming)
  • The soil of the shrine was also given (medicine)
  • The most generous wormhole of the beggar's table, or Ayyi Ela'rafi, or E'si Al-Reza (Prophet)
  • The soil of the shrine arrived, the medicine was also given (excuses)
  • I'm in the doorway to my steel door (charming)
  • Impatient for the pilgrimage of Mashhad (Anthem)
  • You are Shams al-Khushi, you are Badr al-Dajai (a song)
  • I fell in love with the window of steel (hymn)
  • We are and you ruin (Revelation)
  • My hand is empty, your grace is unlimited (hymn)
  • In the excitement the world came to you in the air or in the air (hymn)
  • You are the document of my salvation, your authority or Reza Brother of Amir Abbasi (hymn)
  • Imam Reza street like Khayriman street | Brother of Amir Abbasi (hymn)
  • What have you done to me? I'm crazy and frustrated Brother of Amir Abbasi (hymn)
  • Qiblah Hussein Shrine Brother of Amir Abbasi (hymn)
  • Imam Reza Fadat | Hajj Maysam Motie and brother of Amir Abbasi (Anthem)
  • You are the light of the Quran, the Imam of the Faith Brother of Amir Abbasi (hymn)
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