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Dr. Mario World 1.0.3 is the name of a new Android game in the Pazlie style of the Play Design Studio. Nintendo Co., Ltd. Eventually, after a long rumor, the latest Nintendo title for Android / iOS was released. It does not matter if you're a gamer of a new generation, or old, because Super Mario is known to have known everyone, regardless of age, as well! The popular game of Fuchschor, a revolutionary player in the video game industry, has been able to sell hundreds of millions of copies on the market. An old game console in which we played Thunderbolt was called Micro. Of course, the exact name of this console was Nintendo, which was known to the general public by the same name as Micro. Micro was actually our first official meeting with a lovely mushroom and supermarket. The famicom gaming console made by Nintendo has created a golden age for video gamers between the 1970s and early 1970s. From that date to the present, past few decades and today's games, there is little resemblance to the titles of those years. But still, memories of games such as Super Mario, or the same fighter in the minds, are still memorable. If you're a fan of this kind of character, we suggest you do not miss the new Dr. Mario game!

The world of Dr. Mario is a fascinating new casino game provided by Nintendo for mobile. The game, released in partnership with the Japanese line-up (LINE) and Enoch (NHN Entertainment), has released a millionth downloadable record for the shortest time it has entered Google Play Store and App Store. We read the story of the game. The world of fungi has been invaded by a number of viruses and colors. In order to save the kingdom, Super Mario must put together and eliminate colored items of the same color at each stage of the game. What's most evident in the gameplay is the presence of all the favorite and lovely characters of the game that you can watch all of them today with fantastic graphics in the world of Dr. Mario. Each of the germs in the gameplay has its own color and the weapon available to Dr. Mario is the use of color-coded capsules that will deal with each other in each stage of the game. You can now play Dr. Download Mario World with a direct link and download for free from Yas download site.

Game features of Dr. Mario World:

– The possibility of combining the color of germs with Dr. Mario's drug capsules

– The ability to experience an exciting and exciting challenge with the presence of all characters from the world of fungus

– Have spectacular graphics

– Ability to play online with other players around the world

Screenshots of the game environment:


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