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Download Essential Macleod v10.2.491 – Thin Optical Layer Design and Analysis Software

Download Essential Macleod

There are several methods for determining the optical parameters of thin films.

Essential Macleod is a comprehensive software package for designing, analyzing, constructing and fixing thin optical coatings.

Essential Macleod features such as: Converting rugates from ultra-fast coatings, converting single-layer anti-reflection coatings to discrete color rays, providing all that is essential for design, analysis, production planning and even Reverse engineering of defective products and … There is also a wide range of display parameters such as: Direct transmission of light forward and reflection of color rays in accordance with different color spaces, embedded in the software. This software can synthesize designs from scratch or correct existing designs, examine errors and extract light elements for use in designs.

Key features of Essential Macleod software :

  • Design, analysis, fabrication and fixation of thin layer optical coatings.
  • Synthesis of initial designs or designs available for correction and verification of errors.
  • Extraction of optical elements.

System Requirement

OS : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (both 32 and 64 bit)


Manufacturer: Thin Film Center 
File Size: 45 MB
Release Date:
Source: PC Download /

Installation Guide

  1. Install the software.
  2. First, go to the software installation path and copy and save the crp32002.ngn file in the License folder to another location.
  3. Copy all the files in the Crack folder to the software installation path and copy and replace the previous files in the License folder.
  4. Right-click the macleod_v10_kg.exe file and select Run As Adminstrator.
  5. Copy the generated ‘Site Key’ number.
  6. In the Start menu, type cmd.
  7. In the window that opens, type the cd command, add a space, and then enter the address of the License folder in the software installation path. (Usually this is: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Thin Film Center \ License), then press Enter.
  8. Enter the ckinfo + .exe command macleod.ckinfo and hit Enter.
  9. Enter the serial number you received in the ‘Site Code’ section, and press Enter.
  10. Copy ‘Generated Encrypting Key’.
  11. Run the software and in the opened window to apply for the license, select the ‘Have site key’ option and enter the ‘Encrypting Key’ and select the Validate button.
  12. In the end, you can replace the existing crp32002.ngn file that you copied in the first step.

Download Essential Macleod v10.2.491 – Thin Optical Layer Design and Analysis Software

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