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Download DS ICEM Surf v2016.2 + HF3 x64 – Modeling Software

Download DS ICEM Surf

ICEM Surf is a well-known company of Dassault Systèmes, specializing in the design, modeling, analysis, processing and visualization of surfaces, and is used in many industries, such as automotive, aerospace and consumer goods. The software also has a high level of overlapping with most 3D design software, especially CATIA, and is one of the best software for designing a car body. Design of products is always considered as a key factor in determining the success of the market, and surface design and surface design software have an irrefutable role in this field.

For more than 25 years, ICEM Surf has led the world as a software solution used for Class A-surface modeling, surface analysis and design visualization. Dassault Systemes vision is to continue to build on ICEM Surf’s acknowledged reputation in the surface modeling market place and address our customers’ total needs and expectations throughout the digital surface design development process.

Key features of the ICEM Surf software:

  • Explicit surface modeling
  • Advanced modeling in the industrial design environment (CAD)
  • Adaptation and coordination with 3D design software
  • Integration with CATIA V6
  • Design of the most complex engineering levels
  • Application in various industries engineering
  • the Mac animals specially designed vehicle body
  • compatibility with stable versions of Windows

System Requirement

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 7 SP1 Professional / Ultimate (64-bit)
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • Hard disk free space: 10 GB
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or higher
  • Screen size: 1280 x 1024 or higher
  • Monitor: 24-bit color (32-bit color is recommended)
  • CAD Software: CATIA V4, V5 or V6 / Unigraphics V17, V18 or NX 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7


Manufacturer: Dassault Systèmes 
Price: $ 1199 (for information only)
File size: 1167 MB
Release Date:
Source: PC Download / www.wait-4it.com

Installation Guide

  1. Download the software first and then unzip.
  2. Enter the DSLS_SSQ ​​folder and run the DSLS_SSQ_V6R2017x_Installer_20170620.exe file as Administrator and continue the installation process.
  3. At the end of the installation, the DS License Server Administration window opens automatically, otherwise run Start> Programs> DS License Server> DS License Server Administration.
  4. Save the opened window without changing and click OK.
  5. Double-click on the Server Definitions tab on localhost.
  6. In the Server Configuration window, copy and hold the Computer ID.
  7. In the Server Configuration window, click OK and then close the program and click Finish.
  8. Enter the DSLS_SSQ ​​folder and run the DSLS.LicGen.v1.6.SSQ.exe file as Administrator.
  9. In the Server Name field, enter the Computer Name value of your system. (To find this value, go to Control Panel> System and Security> System)
  10. In the Server ID field, enter the Computer ID number that you copied in Step 5.
  11. In the Generate License For Slider menu, select DS_ICEM_SURF.SSQ.
  12. Click Generate and save the .licz file, hit OK and close the software.
  13. Open the DS License Administration Tool and double click on Localhost and click OK without changing.
  14. From the License menu, click Enroll and enter the License file in step 12.
  15. Close the License Administration Tool window.
  16. Enter the DSLS_SSQ ​​folder and copy the ProgramData folder into drive C and replace the previous files.
  17. Start the installation process by running the Setup.exe file.
  18. In the popup window, tick the ICEM Surf 2016.2 and Viewer and Manuals and Library and click Next. (Note that you should not choose FLEXnet and Academia options at this time )
  19. Install all software.
  20. From the Crack folder copy the icemsurf-2016.2 folder and replace the previous files at the software installation location
    (by default, C: \ Program Files \ Dassault Systemes \ ICEM Surf).
  21. In Drive C, create a folder named flexlm and copy the theorem folder from the Crack folder to C: \ flexlm.
  22. Enter the path C: \ flexlm \ theorem and run the Install_theorem_license.bat file as Administrator.
  23. To enable CATIA V5 translators, enter the win_b64 \ reffiles path at the software installation location
    (by default: C: \ Program Files \ Dassault Systemes \ ICEM Surf \ icemsurf-2016.2 \ win_b64 \ reffiles)
    and open the catiav5_to_kddat_directive.txt file..
  24. In the opened window, find the installation_path “C: \ Program Files \ Dassault Systemes \ B19 \ win_b64” and replace the path with the CATIA V5 installation location.
  25. Repeat the two previous steps for the kddat_to_catiav5_directive.txt file.
    Download downloaded and unzipped updates.
  26. Start the installation process by running the Setup.exe file.
  27. From the File menu, select the Upgrade option, and then locate the software installation location
    (by default, C: \ Program Files \ Dassault Systemes \ ICEM Surf \ icemsurf-2016.2).
  28. The software is fully functional and can be used without any restrictions.

This software has been completely tested by Zune.

  • This software is only installed on 64-bit systems.
  • To run the necessary files with Administrator access, you must right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator.
  • If the Windows user does not have Administrator access, repeat step 22 for all non-Admin users.
  • If possible, ask the IT company or someone who is fluent in the computer to activate the software for you.
  • Installing updates is definitely recommended.
  • The exact steps required to activate the software is essential.
  • All files are compressed as far as possible and can be repaired by WinRAR.

Download DS ICEM Surf v2016.2 + HF3 x64

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