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DS Enovia DMU Navigator 2017

Download DS Enovia DMU Navigator V5-6R2017 + SP3 + HF01 x64 – Designer Cycle Designer software and introduce 3D products commercially.

Enovia Dassault Systèmes is one of the most comprehensive software for designing and managing consumer product cycles . With this software, you can implement your ideas in the form of conceptual designs as 3D and two-dimensional and direct the product’s product lifecycle. Everything you need to introduce a product can be done using this software; from illustrating designs, guiding tools and animationto delivering texts and 3D product models, all of which are powerful tools for this software.

Features of Enovia software:

  • Wide variety of 2D and 3D formats
  • 2D viewer and 3D navigation for DMU review
  • DMU building with various tools such as marking and animation in 2D and 3D
  • Complete DMU complete simulation and simulation in the context of other software
  • Deliver reports published in the form of HTML
  • The Mac edit project remotely
  • Tools automate many operations
  • Using a powerful three-dimensional engine Enovia 3D
  • Integration with Enovia VPM for product commercialization

Minimum System Requirement of Enovia Software:

  • For Certified Hardware Configurations, please refer to:

File Information:

Developer: Dassault Systèmes 
Price: $6999 (For Your Information)
File Size: 768 MB
Source: Wait-4It | Free Download Software Full Version

How to Install Step by Step (Installation Guide):

  1. Download the software first and then unzip.
  2. Enter the DSLS_SSQ ​​folder and run the DSLS_SSQ_V6R2017x_Installer_20170620.exe file as Administrator and continue the installation process.
  3. At the end of the installation, the DS License Server Administration window opens automatically, otherwise run Start> Programs> DS License Server> DS License Server Administration.
  4. Save the opened window without changing and click OK.
  5. Double-click on the Server Definitions tab on localhost.
  6. In the Server Configuration window, copy and hold the Computer ID.
  7. In the Server Configuration window, click OK and then close the program and click Finish.
  8. Enter the DSLS_SSQ ​​folder and run the DSLS.LicGen.v1.6.SSQ.exe file as Administrator.
  9. In the Server Name field, enter the Computer Name value of your system. (To find this value, go to Control Panel> System and Security> System)
  10. In the Server ID field, enter the Computer ID number that you copied in Step 5.
  11. In the Generate License For Slider menu, select DS_ENOVIA_DMU_V5.SSQ.
  12. Click Generate and save the .licz file, hit OK and close the software.
  13. Open the DS License Administration Tool and double click on localhost and click OK without changing.
  14. From the License menu, click Enroll and enter the License file in step 12.
  15. Close the License Administration Tool window.
  16. Enter the DSLS_SSQ ​​folder and copy the ProgramData folder into drive C and replace the previous file.
  17. Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced -> Enviroment Variables. In the System section, hit the New option and enter the following information:
    Variable name: DSLICENSING
    Variable value: DSLS
  18. Start the installation process by running Setup.exe.
  19. Continue the installation process and finish it.
  20. From the Crack folder, copy the netapi32.dll folder and place it at the software installation location (by default, C: \ Program Files \ Dassault Systemes \ B27 \ win_b64 \ code \ bin).
  21. Execute the SolidSQUADLoaderEnabler.reg file from Crack folder and let the necessary changes apply.
  22. Run the software.
  23. You will encounter the License Settings message; click OK, and in the opened window, tick the required licenses, and then click OK.
  24.  The software is fully functional and can be used without any restrictions.
  25. It is strongly recommended that you download and install the latest Service Pack (SP) and then the latest Hotfix (HF).


  • This software has been completely tested by Zune Download.
  • This software is only installed on 64-bit systems.
  • To run the necessary files with Administrator access, you must right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator.
  • If possible, ask the IT company or someone who is fluent in the computer to activate the software for you.
  • Installing updates is definitely recommended.
  • The exact steps required to activate the software is essential.
  • All files are compressed as far as possible and can be repaired by WinRAR.

Download DS Enovia DMU Navigator V5-6R2017 + SP3 + HF01 x64 – Designer Cycle Designer software and introduce 3D products commercially.

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