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Download Axure RP Pro / Team / Enterprise – Website Sample Software

Web site prototype

Axure RP Pro / Team / Enterprise is a very good website prototype application for the Windows operating system. If you want to create a good site before designing and testing, you can use the excellent Axure RP Pro software. With this software and with tools you can have a great web prototype. This software is based on the concepts of Visio. You can design a complete site with this software and with widgets that will create and test all the parts that require a site.

You can check the performance of each site in Axure RP Pro software. Important features of this software include the automatic creation of user interface attributes, the creation of a prototype framework, drag and drop feature, time saving, default templates, and so on. So if you like, before creating a good website, you can create an excellent layout, now you can download the Axure RP Pro software directly and free of charge from the Yas download site.


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