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Download AVG Virus Remover for Win32 / Virut v1.2.0.873 – Virut Virus Virus Detection and Removal Software

AVG Virus Remover for Win32 / Virut

Win32 / Virut virus is relatively well-known files EXE and SCR ( screensaver ) infects. After infecting the system, the virus connects to an IRC server and allows the attacker (hacker) to execute any file that it wishes to run on the victim’s system. One of the symptoms of this virus is to dramatically increase the size of files and prevent them from running.

AVG as one of the leading companies in providing tools for identifying and removing viruses with different approaches, in addition to publishing powerful versions of its antivirus software, to make lightweight, lightweight and fast tools (in execution) for detecting viruses Commonly used.

AVG Remover for Win32 / Virut ProIt is free to identify and remove the Win32 / Virut virus so you can clear all parts of the system infected with this virus without having to buy an antivirus and spend a lot of time scanning and checking the entire system..

Win32 / Virut is a rather popular infection that targets EXE and SCR (screensaver) files. Its behavior includes connecting to an IRC server and allowing attackers to run all kinds of files on the affected machine.
Indicators of the Win32 / Virut infection are significant increase in file size, failure during file execution (with a recent modified date in the File Properties dialog), and noticeable network traffic on port 65520 between your computer and a dangerous IRC server (proxima.ircgalaxy. pl).

Although not considered a very dangerous infection, it can cause discomfort, as some of the infected files may be damaged beyond repair. Removing it is possible through a number of cleaners and AVG’s Win32 / Virut Remover is one of them.

Key features of AVG Remover for Win32 / Virut:

  • Run without installation
  • Fast system scan to find infected files
  • Minimal system resource utilization
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to use interface
  • No need for previous or previous experience. Advanced Skills for System Cleanup of Viruses


Manufacturer: AVG 
File Size: 3.21 MB
Release Date:

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Download AVG Virus Remover for Win32 / Virut v1.2.0.873 – Virut Virus Virus Detection and Removal Software

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