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Atom 1.37.0 x86 / x64 The name of a free and simple application is to display the contents of the files, as well as edit the code of different programming languages ​​with the ability to highlight keywords. As you know, in the Windows operating system, the default software for text editing is the Notepad. But if you are also looking for software that has brought you a wider range of features than Notepad, we suggest you do not miss Atom. The software is a highly advanced version of the notebook, which provides you with the ability to code and edit texts and documents in a dark environment tailored to the taste of programmers..

The user interface of this software is very beautiful and simple, so even the most novice people are able to enjoy its extensive and excellent features. With a very easy navigation bar, this software enables you to manage files and, for example, preview images. The focus of this software is on observation and coding in a variety of programming languages ​​and is one of the best coding environments with the potential of the full syntax of most programming languages. You can now download the latest version of Atom software from the latest Yass website.

Atom software features:

– Having a system file browser

– Easy navigation between files

– Ability to quickly search and paste words and phrases

– Possibility to select multiple words and texts

– Suitable for HTML, CSS, JAVA, CSS, C ++, C and …

– Very nice interface

– Lite texts and syntax of programming languages


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