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Download Almeza MultiSet Professional v8.7.3 – Windows Auto CD Creator software

Almeza MultiSet Professional

Perhaps you’ve ever seen the Windows CD-ROM market, which has an auto-fit feature. To use this feature, simply insert the CD user into your computer and select the install option. After this, all steps and options are completed automatically and there is no need for the user to interfere. Using this feature will save you time and time. If you want Windows XP to automatically install Windows and ask questions about the name and serial number, date, and date, Almeza MultiSet Professional will respond to you. With Almeza MultiSet Professional, in addition to automatic installation of Windows, the software will be installed automatically with the software you use and the drivers you need.

Software Almeza MultiSet Professional is a powerful tool that gives you a Mac to making a CD of WindowsWith automatic installation. Open the app and select a new project, then the options are available, which is the same as the options that you see when you install Windows. You just have to fill out the options as you like. It should be noted that all the information you enter here, after the installation of Windows, is identical in the specifications and the Windows. This information includes the name, computer name, passwords, local clock, Windows serial number, Windows language, keyboard, and typing information. By creating these types of CDs, you can help those who do not know how to install Windows and make them also an automatic installer. The functionality of this program can be automatic adjustment of software after installing Windows, making CDs or bootable disks, automatically turning Windows or software into the original, installing remote “Windows” and …
Almeza MultiSet will do all the required requirements automatically on the computers you need. By doing this, all that you do is put the pre-built CD-ROM in the CD-ROM, and after a while, you will have your system with all the features you need.

Key features of the Almeza MultiSet Professional software:

  • Ability to create Windows CDs with automatic installation
  • Automatically revert windows or software to the settings and initial state
  • Automatically install any software after installing Windows without user intervention
  • Create boot disks for User convenience when not having a Windows graphic environment
  • Automatically installing Windows remotely from the network or through the Internet or …
  • Applicable on local area network and automatic installation on all network systems

System Requirement of Almeza MultiSet Professional

  • 64 MB RAM
  • 10Mb HDD
  • 800×600 or better screen resolution

File Information

Manufacturer: Almeza MultiSet 
Price: US $ 99 (for information only)
File Size: 6.9 MB
Source: www.wait-4it.com

Installation Guide

  1. Install the software.
  2. Run the file in the Key folder.
  3. Run the software.

Download Almeza MultiSet Professional v8.7.3 – Windows Auto CD Creator software

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