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Download Advanced Tokens Manager v3.5 – Backup software from Windows and Office Activator

Advanced Tokens Manager

Advanced Tokens Manager is software for backing up Microsoft Windows and Office activation . This application gives you a Mac will easily make a full backup and reliable data for your activation. Microsoft limits for online activation per license (license) applies. With this program you can unlimited use of offline activation and enjoy your main software. The Advanced Tokens Manager software to backup and playwater without damage and activation switch is activated.

The key features of the Advanced Tokens Manager software include :

  • Restore a 100% activated actuator if the new version of Windows is the same as the previous version and the clean copy is installed.
  • Use backup to restore infinite activation status on the same hardware
  • Install a new version of Windows with service packs and newer updates
  • Full support for all licensees in Windows
  • Check the integrity of the backup with CRC32 file Backup
  • Verify Windows Backup
  • Reinstall the reinstall file from tokens.dat
  • Update your drivers without losing activation
  • Refresh the Windows drivers before rebuilding
  • Application log (log) to restore the activator.
  • Static product ID after activation.
  • Compatible with Office 2010 and 2013 and Windows 7 and 8.
  • Supports various versions of Windows including Windows 8
  • And …

System Requirement of Advanced Tokens Manager

  • .NET Framework

File Information / Specification

Manufacturer: Josh Cell Softwares 
File Size: 6.9 MB
Release Date:


Installation Guide / How to Install Step by Step

To install this software you need the .NET Framework v4 software installed on your system, if necessary, you can download and install it through this link .

Download Advanced Tokens Manager v3.5 – Backup software from Windows and Office Activator

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