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Download Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium v1.12.1.81 + Business v1.09.2.1334 – Software to prevent malicious exploits or malicious code execution.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium + Business

What is exploitation?  Influence on the basis of conclusions and taking outputs from programs and tools. Often, when hackers and programmers are trying to penetrate a computer or program, they are continuously providing them with data that processes their applications and display their output, at which time the attacker will …

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Download KeePass v2.39.1 – Manage and store all passwords in a secure file

Download KeePass

Today, the definition of a secure password is required to work with computer systems, Windows , the Internet , personal email , FTP websites, site user accounts, and more. The definition of a same password for all accounts, unsafe work and the password in case of theft or Mac that provides access to all other accounts easily. Despite the numerous passwords, …

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Download VMProtect Ultimate v3.0.9 Build 695 – Protect your executable files and prevent cracking program code

Download VMProtect Ultimate

Software programmers always spend time, energy and expenses on designing their software, and to protect their code, software locks, licensees , and a variety of security methods. However, crackers, using various methods and tools, always try to disassociate these security layers and detect software security holes by analyzing executable files and bypassing or filling them. Infiltrate …

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