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Two-Dimensional Deisn

Download QuarkXPress 2018 v14.0 x64 – Easy and professional layout software

Download QuarkXPress 2018

QuarkXPress is a powerful application in the field of writing, editing, and Chinese characters with colors and images for generating dynamic output. QuarkXPress, multi-functional interface that gives you a Mac to combine text and images and edit colors. QuarkXPress is widely used by journals, newspapers, advertisingagencies, letterheads, corporate publishers, design companies, shoppers, book publishers and form designers. It is also used by commercial companies …

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Download Geomagic Freeform v2017.1.82 + Plus v2017.0.93 x64 – 3D Design and Modeling Software for a variety of products and objects.

Download Geomagic Freeform + Plus

Geomagic Freeform is a powerful software for designing a variety of industrial and consumer products that provides designers and engineers with a complete set of tools, capabilities, and features for designing a variety of 3D models in all industries. With this software you can design 3D models using a touch instrument. Design different types of …

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Download CodeAndWeb TexturePacker Pro v4.7.0 x86 / x64 – Animation and Sprite sheet animation software

Download CodeAndWeb TexturePacker Pro

Sprite Sheets is a collection of follow-up images that each take one step in the animation . Just like moving paintings in a few pages in the corner of our books. With the TexturePacker Pro software , you can put together some of these images to suit your work. Making these sprite sheets requires its own software, the software above is exactly …

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Download MyDraw v2.0 software – Flowchart design, enterprise charts and mental maps


MyDraw is a powerful application for designing and manufacturing various flowcharts, organizational charts, mental maps, network diagrams , business charts, and more. The software includes a book of hundreds of charts, symbols, shapes, varied templates, powerful design tools, default diagrams, and more. In fact, MyDraw is a powerful yet easy-to-use software for designing a variety of diagrams, mental maps …

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Download Vectric Aspire v9.012 x64 + v9.0.10 x86 / x64 – CNC Modeling Software

Vectric Aspire

Aspire is a powerful application for the design of two-dimensional and 3D models for CNC machines. With this software you can easily create simple cutouts to complex decorative carvings with your CNC machine. The user interface of this software is intuitive and easy to use. Also, with this software you can design two-dimensional imagesPaint your artwork and digital …

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