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Download Floor Generator V2.10 Free for 3ds Max 2013-2019 – Plugin for designing and simulating different types of floor and parquet flooring in Terry Dim

Download Floor Generator

Floor Generator is a functional plugin for the Terry MacBook Pro and the company cg-source to help you design and simulate a variety of parquet, flooring, mosaics, ceramics, bricks and more. This plug-in works parametricly and can be used to create a three-dimensional texture on the floor of a building or building floor. To use it, you …

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Download Geometric DFMPro v4.5.0.4475 + v4.3 + v4.2.1.3676 + v4.1.0.3139 Suite – Plugin for identifying and correcting defects in simulated designs in CAD software

Geometric DFMPro

Based on a global average of 30 percent of the time of development and production of products to optimize designers. This is while this volume can be spent on manufacturing and assembling products and thus minimizing the cost and timing of supply to the market. DFMPro In this regard, an engineering tool for Mac designers …

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Download RealFlow 10 v10.1.2.0162 x64 – Fluid and Fluid Simulation Software for 3D Industry and Animation


RealFlow is the name of the world’s most independent software in the field of fluid and fluid simulation in the 3D industry and animation that has been featured by Nextlimit Technologies, a reputable company. In the new version of 2012, the software has the ability to simulate ultra-realistic fluids, water levels, interactions between liquids and solids and …

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Download NumXL v1.65.42892 – Plugin for analyzing statistical data in Excel


Spider Financial is an extension of Excel software for analyzing and analyzing the statistical data in different periods of time that transforms Microsoft’s Excel program into an advanced economic software and comes with a number of accurate statistical measurements. It offers valuable statistical packages. The NumXL plug-in integrates with Excel, adding features like economic sensing …

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