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Download RapidTyping v5.0.120.70 – Speeding typing application


Typing is a skill in a writing machine in which a person is able to type correctly the letters without looking at the keyboard. In this method, all ten fingers are usually used, but sometimes with fewer fingers. Typing is a prerequisite for receiving a machine-readable certificate. Before the computer typing era, and …

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Vocabulary Worksheet Factory v6.0.4.0 Pro – All kinds of games, tutorials, tests and exercises for English

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Using exercises, tests and quizzes provided by software Vocabulary Worksheet Factory created to ease your ability, your children or your students upgrade. Vocabulary Worksheet Factory is a powerful software for creating games , tutorials , exams and exercises in English, which allows the user to easily type in a variety of word lists, vocabulary, spelling, word games, …

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Download 3D Organon Anatomy – 3D Body Anatomy Viewer

3D Organon Anatomy

3D Organon Anatomy is a comprehensive anatomical atlas of all 15 parts of the human body that has the ability to move animations of joints and bones. The software comes with high resolution 3D graphicsthat cover all aspects of the human body. The extensive knowledge based on the terminology and definitions of Anatomy related to the official Terminologia …

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