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Download Mozbase Optimizer v0.2.6.262 x86 Portable – Freeware Skylight Database Optimization (No need to install)

Mozbase Optimizer

Today, many applications use the SQLite database to store their data. Mozilla’s most well-known programs, such as Firefox and Pale Moon. The speed of running these programs will slow down after some time, because their databases will be affected by fragmentation or fragmentation. Mozbase Optimizer is a lightweight tool for optimizing SQLite database …

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Download Microsoft Visual Studio Community / Enterprise / Professional 2017 v15.5.0 Build 27130.0 for Web And Desktop Only – Microsoft Visual Studio Software

Microsoft Visual Studio Community, Enterprise, Professional 2017 for Web And Desktop Only

Microsoft Visual Studio is a software developed for Microsoft program developers, developed by Microsoft. The program provides a variety of tools for large or small teams to build applications for a variety of platforms. In each new version, the stack of these tools is taller and the first choice for most programming teams working on Windows . Also …

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