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Actual Title Buttons 8.13.2 Add new buttons to windows in windows

Actual Title Buttons 8.13.2 Add new buttons to windows in windows

Actual Title Buttons A simple, easy-to-use software enables you to add new buttons to the regular buttons that are placed on the window title bar and use them to have more complete control over Windows windows. The Close, Minimize, and Maximize / Restore buttons are among the first keys that all Windows users learn to use, and in many operating systems, these keys are also visible. These keys seem to be among the commonplace tools on the operating system, and there are no changes in the release of new versions of operating systems. But if you pay more attention to the use of these keys, you will see these keys more than the features and tools available on the operating system.

Features of Actual Title Buttons:

  • More than dozens of new features to better manage windows
  • Resize windows with one mouse click to predefined sizes
  • Moving windows with a mouse click to predefined locations like the middle of the screen
  • Split the screen into 9 parts and switch the windows to each of these areas with a single mouse click (this will be used to quickly popup windows on the screen)
  • Drag and drop windows with one mouse click and open them by clicking the same button again
  • Minimize windows next to the Windows clock with a mouse click
  • Change the transparency of the windows and fade them with increased transparency
  • Change how to display a window to “Always on” to popup all windows
  • Easy transfer of windows from view to another
  • Convert Window to Guest Window (Disable Mouse over Window)
  • Easily copy the contents of each window in the operating system’s cache
  • Easy paste the content copied to the cache in each window
  • Change the priority of using software from the processor and operating system memory with one click
  • Show recently accessed windows
  • Easy and fast access to favorite folders
  • Move the active window under other windows
  • And …


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